Just A Party!

Posted November 19th, 2012 by Erin in Merida, Mexico

On the first day of Fall we decided to have a party at the Central House to celebrate the changing of the seasons … little did we know that our season would not be changing till about November!

We invited our Dance teacher Chari to join us in the celebration. We cooking way too many desserts which include:

Rice Krispy Treats (orange of course)

Pumpkin Shaped Cookies with Orange Icing

Brownies with hidden M&M’s

Delicious Apple Crisp


Put we did not spoil out appetite with just desserts … Miranda made some delicious sandwiches with avocado and cheese. They were toasted to perfection and tasted marvelous as an appetizer to the cavity creating entree!!!

Here all of us are enjoying our delicious appetizer and conversing about our daily activities and goings on 🙂 You know the usual!!

Finally we ended our night with some very intense games of Jenga in the living room!! Needless to say none of us will be in any Jenga competitions anytime soon … but we had tons of fun bringing in the new season 🙂