The East End: Whitechapel

Posted December 10th, 2012 by Betsey in London, England

Did yall realize that there is a hardcore metal band called Whitechapel? They are from Tennessee, so I have no idea how they came up with the name, but I listened to some of their songs that have been collecting dust on my iTunes collection since high school on my way there.

Twas a Friday morning-ish/afternoon. And I fell in love. Several times. The first of the occasion was when I turned onto Folgate Street. Then, I came upon Elder Street. Ummmm, is it possible to kidnap one of these houses and take it back to Texas with me? Because I am calling up Marky Mark from the Italian Job to see if he can get the job done for me. Just kidding because if I happened to have Marky Mark’s phone number, I would be calling him for a date. But I digress. The houses are just so precious. I love me a good brick, and let me tell you, that brick work is gorgeous.

Let’s skip the funny business and just get to the point of this post: My new-found love affair for Spitalfields Market.
Spitalfields Market, do not tell Camden, but I think I love you. Even more than I love Camden. Sure, Camden offers me cheap souvenirs, but you Spitalfield, you offer so much more. I get the vintage clothing (hello dresses that I wish I came upon when buying my prom dress), the homemade wares, and the useless, decorative antiques that some may call junk, but I call glorious treasures. I am like Ariel up in that joint, but without the fish tail and with more clothing because there is no way that those oyster shells will not keep me warm in the London weather. I feel that your artisan cupcakes compared to Camden’s smelly concoctions will not give me food poisoning, and do not think for a second that I do not appreciate that. The sellers at the booths are also less pushy than at Camden. They let you go up, interested in what they have to sell, but not necessarily interested in buying it, merely admiring the craftsmanship that took place to bring it into reality. If only everyone that I was buying Christmas gifts for were as random in style as I am. I have to admit, I went a bit crazy in my shopping here. I will give you a brief run-down on my love for Spitalfields:

Dress from the 90’s, of course I will purchase your random-printed self. I cannot wait to wear you once I get home because you are a sundress and it is currently 80 degrees in Texas. Hold-on my love. Soon, I can wear you properly without tights.

Sequin-top, how did you know that I was just racking my brain the night before what I was going to wear for New Years. Somehow you did, and you drew me to you like a moth to a flame, or rather more plainly, like a sorority girl to a very sparkly top.

Charm bracelet. You are so simple yet so interesting with your random plastic figurines hanging all around. 1960’s figurines transformed and refurbished to create a colorful and unbreakable (Betsey-proof) decoration for my wrist. Oh, aren’t you quite the charmer?

I could go on and on creating ode’s to the purchases I made for myself (and do not worry, I was sure to mark some names off my Christmas list as well), but I will spare yall and stop.

  • Family Tree by: TV On the Radio
  • Costume Party by: Two Door Cinema Club
  • Keep You by: Wild Belle
  • Diamonds by: Rihanna
  • Caffeinated Consciousness (Das Racist/PatrickWhat Remix) by: TV On the Radio
  • The Beat Comes by: Snowden
  • Boss (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) by: Tinashe
  • Roofies by: Dream Koala
  • Mountain Sound by: Of Monsters and Men
  • Urban Photograph by: Urban Cone