The Adventure Begins

Posted January 25th, 2013 by Lisa in Granada, Spain

So I’ve been in Granada for over a week now.  The jetlag seems to have gone and the people in the group are finally starting to remember each other’s names.  I have already watched the garbage in the streets pile up and be cleaned away as the garbage strike raged and then ended, and I’ve gotten lost in many parts of the city, both with newly made friends and alone.  I could probably write a novel of all the things I’ve already seen and done.  However, since we’re all busy people, I’ll try it make this more of an outline.


The Spanish city of Granada, whose citizens dress up for walking the streets and whose buildings carry the mix of a catholic and Muslim history.  Also, there’s probably buried treasure somewhere.


The narrator (me) – a young traveler seeking to document the adventures that take place in this city.  She also wants to improve her Spanish and is always looking for strange phrases and words.

Pepita – host mom.  She is an elderly woman who was born in Morocco and has lived in France and Spain.  One of her many talents is that she is a fantastic cook.  Hospitable and always caring, she constantly tells her American students to be less timid and to live in her house as if it were their own.  Her one strict rule is that English is prohibited in her house, since the students are there to learn Spanish.

Marisa – host mom part two.  She is middle aged and the daughter of Pepita.  Multilingual, she speaks Spanish, French, English, and some Arabic.  She loves to travel and learn about culture and people.  Both Pepita and Marisa never miss an opportunity to teach new things to students about Spanish or the places they’ve been.

The Group – a herd of forty or so American students who have come to Spain.  Some are here to improve their Spanish, some to learn about the culture or history, and some simply want to try something completely new.

Veronica – the wonderfully frank Spanish woman who holds everything together on this journey.  She does her best to keep The Group from doing anything incredibly stupid.


Having come to Spain, The Group must step away from their cultural norms and open their minds to new experiences – even if it means trying strange foods like whole fried fishes.  What will they find next?