Food- college student style

Posted March 22nd, 2013 by Adel in Vienna, Austria

Like many college students who attend small schools, I have never been in the position where it was necessary for me to cook for myself for more than a few days during a break or weekend. I have also never been in the position where I had to worry about cooking for myself for weeks on end on a budget, and in a foreign country. That being said, I have thus far convinced myself that I am not yet failing horribly at eating semi- healthily for cheap. There are definitely “those days” where my motivation goes out the window and I go get a sandwich at the closest “Anker” (a chain bakery here in Vienna), but I have succeeded in regularly surprising my taste buds. At times it is hard to think of things to cook, but thankfully I got a cook book during my first week here. Whenever I have a mind block as to what I should cook, I can just go to my cookbook, and voila! – dinner.

Next week begins Spring Break here in Vienna, and I am heading up north to the UK for two weeks. Ashley, a fellow Central College Abroad-ie, and I are going to be having a wherl wind of a trip, visiting a few attractions in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland, before coming back to Vienna for the latter part of break. And all of this means, I will not be around to blog about Vienna for a few weeks. Hopefully you will be able to survive, so until next time!