The Start Of Something New

Posted August 22nd, 2013 by Karlee in London, England

Hey everyone! My name is Karlee Rock, and I’m more than excited to be writing this blog for the semester! I’m a junior at Central College, where I’m studying Biochemistry and a softball player for the Dutch! I’m from Wheatland, Iowa (it’s a small town near the Quad Cities), so living in London will be quite a change for me!

I chose to study abroad because it is such a incredible opportunity for anyone, and it especially caught my eye when I could make it work around labs and classes I need for my major and the core requirements! The more I looked into it and talked to other students who studied abroad, I figured I should take the opportunity to explore the world while I’m young! Another bonus, everyone around me: family, friends, professors, coaches, and teammates, are very supportive and excited for me to go on this journey. Actually, three of my teammates (Mallory, Paige, and Kallie) are also studying in London, so it will be nice to have familiar faces around! 🙂

As for what I’m looking to gain, I’m hoping to make new friends and create friendships that will last much longer than just this semester, experiences and stories to share with friends and family back home, and be able to immerse myself into another culture to become a citizen of the world. Since I’ve never been out of the country, I’m sure I’ll gain so much more; probably more than I can imagine sitting here!

Our journey starts soon, so I hope to have you following along and reading my blog to see what us Londoners are up to! : )

Mallory and I. We can't wait to start our adventures in London! :)

Mallory and I. We can’t wait to start our adventures in London! :)