Another Week in Londontown

Posted September 30th, 2013 by Karlee in London, England

DSCF0759 DSCF0784

This week has been an exciting week for us Londoners! On Tuesday night, after we got done with work (such grown ups!), we met everyone from the program at the London Eye! It was another one of those things that you can’t believe that you’re actually doing it. It’s like a dream…and the view was breathtaking. We got on around 7:00ish, so it was dark. Pictures don’t do any justice–London is beautiful. I would love to ride it again during the day, although riding at night was amazing!

The rest of the week was pretty typical; we had internships, classes, and other fun things from day to day. Every week goes by a little faster, and I’m starting to realize that time is flying so much faster than what I want it to! I’ve already been here for over a month, and tomorrow starts my fourth week of class and work! I finally feel like I have time to sit down and start planning some weekend trips, and most importantly, my plans for autumn break! Italy and hopefully Spain–here I come!

This weekend was especially exciting, because we had people from other programs come and stay with us! One of Mallory’s friends came and stayed in our room, Jordan had two girls from the Spain program stay with her, and there were some guys from Spain that came and stayed in town! It was a busy weekend for us Londoners, trying to show our guests what London has to offer!

Well, I think that’s about all for now! Until next time!

Cheers : )