A bunch of animals

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 | No Comments

Well, today marked the end of a great week here in sunny San Diego! We had kind of a lazy start this morning since it was our free day. We all got ready and headed out to the zoo! We started off our zoo adventure with the reptiles (EW!) and slowly made our way to see all our favorite animals including, elephants, goats, monkeys, turtles, and even ducks! During our 5 hour stay at the zoo, we were able to see everything except the pandas, who had an absurd 45 minuet wait! While most of us were excited to see all the new and exotic animals, Rachel seemed to be fascinated but he most common, midwestern animals, like ducks and squirrels.

 We left the zoo and we were all very hungry (surprise, surprise)! We went to a local fish market for dinner to take advantage of some fresh seafood! After our failed attempt at a bonfire on the beach last night, we decided to give it another try tonight, only to be turned down once again! As it turns out, bonfires on the beach are a pretty popular thing to do around here! We headed back to the house but we didn’t want our s’mores supplies to go to waste. We decided to make s’mores the most natural way we knew how, over the grill!

Tomorrow we head back to good old Iowa! While we will miss San Diego, especially the sun and our lovely rental van (the pooter), we are excited to get back and start off the rest of our season! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will be able to hit off some grass. We want to thank everyone for all your support and for keeping up with us throughout the week! Thank you and GO DUTCH!

Homeless, Hodads, and Some Occasional Humor

Friday, March 21st, 2014 | 2 Comments

Today started like every other day…way too dang early. We quickly made a low carb breakfast of toast and cereal, then headed to the course. Little did Coach know, we had a recently purchased and amputated doll named Andy stuck in his golf bag. (Please direct any questions regarding the matter to your daughter.) He truly appreciated our mature prank and threw Andy into the nearest garbage can.

We split into two threesomes and played 18 holes at Sycuan. We had a little competition between the groups, but we all enjoyed our last round of spring break. Not to beat a dead horse, but Coach seemed to be in a small slump this week, losing each and every competition we played. After the round, we took a scenic route back to the house, driving through the ethnically diverse part of San Diego in order to visit multiple gas stations. When we got back to the house, we took naps and watched basketball.

For dinner, we went to Hodads near Ocean Beach and all got entirely too many onion rings/fries along with our giant burgers. Rachel has been obsessed with the homeless all week, so naturally she gave our leftovers to the homeless man playing guitar outside the restaurant. After our good deed, we hopped back into our swagger wagon and went to the beach for a bonfire. Unfortunately, all of the fire pits were taken so we will be heading back to the beach tomorrow. Coach will sit close enough to keep an eye on us, but far enough away to pretend that he doesn’t know us.

We know Coach misses his family so we have made sure to act like his kids as much as possible. We may or may not have a few more pranks up our sleeve, so keep reading this religiously.

~ Deuces ~

T. Hill

Golf, Food & Fun

Thursday, March 20th, 2014 | No Comments

The past 48 hours has flown by for us. The days were full of golf, food and fun.

Tuesday was a day full of golf and food. The day started off with sleeping in, and having a big family breakfast, full of eggs, sausage, and bacon. Then it was time for golf! We played Coronado, located on Coronado Island. The course was beautiful to look at. A lot of the holes were located right along the ocean and we even finished the 18th hole watching a sail boat race. After we were done playing we headed back to the main land to have some good old fashion BBQ at Phil’s BBQ.  The food was delicious and we were all full when we got home and ready for bed.

Wednesday started bright and early. It was a first for us; we were at the course by 6 am for our tournament. We warmed up on the range under the lights, but by the time we teed off the sun had risen and we were ready to go. The tournament was played at Riverwalk. Our tournament was against Point Loma Nazarene. Though we did not win, we all had fun and enjoyed being to back in the tournament environment.

After the tournament we all threw on our suits and headed to the beach. We spent the afternoon laying out, relaxing, and enjoyed some great people watching. The day ended with us enjoying a nice home cooked family meal of steak and potatoes.

Tonight will be a quiet night in the house due to being up before the sun, but no one is really complaining. However before we turn in for the night, I would like to wish Steve one last Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great day dad and enjoyed your peace and quiet!



Fun in SUN Diego

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 | 2 Comments

The second day in SUN Diego started off bright and early this morning at 5:30. We got to the Riverwalk golf course around 6:45 and coach proceeded to tell us that the sun was up and it was just behind the clouds but in fact the sun did not rise until 6:59 and in the other direction. Way to go coach. The course was beautiful and we even got to see a coyote run across the back of one of the greens. It was a gorgeous day for golf and was a perfect 70 degrees outside with a nice breeze. After lunch at Fred’s Mexican food we spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool. We then finished out the day with a nice walk on the boardwalk to watch the sun set, dinner at Pieology Pizzeria, and a game of Pictionary. After 3 competitive games (golf and board games) coach is still the only one who hasn’t been on a winning tea

-Ali K.

PS: this post contains the events from Monday.

By the numbers

Monday, March 17th, 2014 | 1 Comment

We are safely in 85 degree SUN Diego! The flights were slightly delayed and bumpy, but we managed the interesting passengers to make the flights interesting to say the least. We have our sketchy 12 person van full of 5 players plus 1 coach and a total of 12 duffle and golf bags traveling around a very hilly California. The gas prices, you might ask, are a whopping $4.17. We filled this gas tank up with a mere $101.67. Hopefully it gets great gas millage. The weather here is gorgeous! When we arrived here on Saturday we wasted no time to beg coach to go see the ocean. The sand was hot beneath our feet, however the water…COLD! It wouldn’t be a normal spring break without a prank for Coach (just ask him about a doll with no arms). We left for Sycuan Golf Resort at 8:30 a.m. to finally hit on REAL grass! After practicing for a bit we played the 18 hole, par 3 course. It was a blast to enjoy the almost 90 degree weather and have a friendly competition. The house is perfect and we have a great view so check out the fun pictures on twitter! Stay warm Iowa (and Illinois)!

Love, Rachel C.

New places, new courses, new memories!!

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 | No Comments

As we get closer to our departure date, the excitement continues to grow.  We will be in a new place, San Diego; and will be playing new courses.  And as great as it all promises to be, the new memories are what we will cherish most.  So stay tuned for what promises to be a fun, enjoyable trip with the Women’s Golf team!!  This blog will serve as a daily recap from the golfers prospective, but don’t forget to follow us on twitter and Instagram for pictures and updates throughout the trip.

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