Fun in SUN Diego

The second day in SUN Diego started off bright and early this morning at 5:30. We got to the Riverwalk golf course around 6:45 and coach proceeded to tell us that the sun was up and it was just behind the clouds but in fact the sun did not rise until 6:59 and in the other direction. Way to go coach. The course was beautiful and we even got to see a coyote run across the back of one of the greens. It was a gorgeous day for golf and was a perfect 70 degrees outside with a nice breeze. After lunch at Fred’s Mexican food we spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool. We then finished out the day with a nice walk on the boardwalk to watch the sun set, dinner at Pieology Pizzeria, and a game of Pictionary. After 3 competitive games (golf and board games) coach is still the only one who hasn’t been on a winning tea

-Ali K.

PS: this post contains the events from Monday.