Homeless, Hodads, and Some Occasional Humor

Today started like every other day…way too dang early. We quickly made a low carb breakfast of toast and cereal, then headed to the course. Little did Coach know, we had a recently purchased and amputated doll named Andy stuck in his golf bag. (Please direct any questions regarding the matter to your daughter.) He truly appreciated our mature prank and threw Andy into the nearest garbage can.

We split into two threesomes and played 18 holes at Sycuan. We had a little competition between the groups, but we all enjoyed our last round of spring break. Not to beat a dead horse, but Coach seemed to be in a small slump this week, losing each and every competition we played. After the round, we took a scenic route back to the house, driving through the ethnically diverse part of San Diego in order to visit multiple gas stations. When we got back to the house, we took naps and watched basketball.

For dinner, we went to Hodads near Ocean Beach and all got entirely too many onion rings/fries along with our giant burgers. Rachel has been obsessed with the homeless all week, so naturally she gave our leftovers to the homeless man playing guitar outside the restaurant. After our good deed, we hopped back into our swagger wagon and went to the beach for a bonfire. Unfortunately, all of the fire pits were taken so we will be heading back to the beach tomorrow. Coach will sit close enough to keep an eye on us, but far enough away to pretend that he doesn’t know us.

We know Coach misses his family so we have made sure to act like his kids as much as possible. We may or may not have a few more pranks up our sleeve, so keep reading this religiously.

~ Deuces ~

T. Hill