“Chickens Without a Hat”


We started the morning walking to Achilles ’29, a professional team in the town of Groesbeek.  On the way we ran into two llamas that looked to be so big they appeared to be on steroids.  The team was amazed.  Our first training session was with Coach Harry, who has played professionally for De Graafschap, coached with KNVB (Dutch Federation), and trained teams all over the world.  He gave us some great one-liners that perhaps were lost in translation.  For example, we split up into two teams, the “rats” (reds) and the whites; he told us multiple times, “I kill you all” as some type of joke; any bad pass was “making a problem for me”; and playing without thinking was to be a “chicken without a hat”.  It was an entertaining first session where we worked on the staple Dutch passing throughout.

After lunch, we went to a World War II Museum, which focused on Operation Market Garden and the local efforts of Allied paratroopers in the war.  The tour guide started our talk by saying, “We’re running short on time and class is starting”.  We thought we were on spring break!  Nonetheless, it was interesting to learn about the war efforts in this area of Holland.

Then we headed to Lent for our first match against DVOL.  Our bus driver left the back trunk open as we took off and after yelling at the front of the bus for some time, they finally listened and told the driver.  He was quite flustered, but we managed to not lose anything!  It was quite funny.  At DVOL we received a nice welcome into their clubhouse and socialized with the team before the game. 

We won the game 4 – 1 with a hat trick effort by Britt and a goal from Alayna as well.  We want to add that one goal came from all the authors of this blog:  a long throw from Liz, a flick from Gannon, and a goal from Britt!  We also received tea at halftime in the locker room, which was a new custom to us.  There were fans lining the sideline to watch the “American team” play which added to the atmosphere.

After the game we socialized with the team once again – the people here couldn’t be nicer!  Our night ended at DVOL with a conga line dance to a popular Dutch song.  Here’s a link to a video of the celebrations:  http://youtu.be/hGxtmngyyvA

When we left, Britt managed to lock herself on the bus.  The team was laughing so hard as she tried to understand the directions from the bus driver and figure out how to open the doors.  The rest of the bus ride home was really loud…wonder why?! 

Looking forward to tomorrow, just not how sore we’re going to be!

Liz Daniels (freshman), Brittany Hinton (freshman), & Coach Gannon (age 21 according to Coach Harry)




  1. Becky Gannon
    6:51 pm on March 14th, 2012

    Go Dutch – sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Wish we could have gone with you – it would have been worth it all just to see Katelin playing in a soccer game again!

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