Riding the Pewter Dove to Central Dutch comebacks!

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This is sophomore pitcher, Annie DeVries, coming from a one of a kind hotel room in Columbus, Georgia. Today, we took on the Piedmont Lions and the sixth ranked Texas Lutheran Bulldogs. The ride to the field in the Pewter Dove consisted of a few pump up songs, including a new found favorite, The Juicy Wiggle, which seems to get everyone dancing, even Frank.

Games began at 12 and 5 and each game was a battle to the end, resulting in a 7-4, 9 inning battle, win over the Lions and a hard fought 3-5 loss to the Bulldogs. Each game shared a common core of coming from behind. The Lions struck early with four runs with a quick Dutch answer to tie. The Bulldogs also scored in the early innings, but we fought right back to tie the game. The day ended with a typical dinner at Wendy’s paired with some support for the Dutch wrestlers who are competing in the national tournament in Cedar Rapids, IA this weekend. PewterVan

Reflecting on the past week of games, we have shown a great amount of courage and heart on the field, despite having the label of being a young team. Each day, game, and pitch is a stepping stone towards becoming the 2016 National Champions.

Stay tuned Dutch fans,

Annie DeVries #23

A Wendy’s-free meal!

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team pregame

OK, pregame isn’t always totally serious!

Hello Dutch softball fans!

This is sophomore Brooke Brommel comin’ at ya from Columbus, Georgia.  After a long drive from Kissimmee, Florida and a rare stop at Subway, we finally made it to our hotel shortly after 12:30 a.m. this morning.  Today was our practice day here in Georgia to prepare for the Leadoff Classic which means we got to sleep in with no early morning games or meetings.  A complimentary breakfast from the hotel started our morning and we decided that it would be a good idea to wash uniforms because none of us really wanted to wear that Florida dirt for another game, let alone smell each other.

beach ball CWWith one set of uniforms clean and another set in the washer we took off for practice at the fields at 12:30 on the dot! Practice was pretty vanilla as we did a lot of routine fielding and discussing of expectations.  At the end of practice coach announced that we would be eating dinner at Outback Steakhouse and you could just see the excitement in everyone’s eyes, which lead coach to make a comment of how our meals should not be the most exciting part of our day.  But little did coach know, we were mostly excited because we were not going to Wendy’s for the third time this trip!! J When we were finished with practice we decided to meander into the stadium to take a peak as we will be playing one of our games there.

By the time we got back to our hotel and everyone took a quick shower it was already time to leave for dinner.  As we were sitting at dinner and filling our bellies, we had some crazy conversations that lead to us believing we had abs.  But of course it is impossible to get abs from laughing when you are stuffing your face with a sirloin steak, loaded baked potato and a chocolate mousse dessert. J

Now that we are full and sleepy, everyone is just hanging out here at the hotel with their roommates and watching movies.  We are getting geared up to play our first games down here in the Leadoff Classic at 12 pm and 5 pm.

Sending warm weather from Columbus, Georgia,

Brooke Brommel #9

A day off in Georgia

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What a lovely day here in Columbus Georgia! After the long drive and making it to the hotel around 12 AM, we have a day of rest. Starting off the day with sleeping in and then having to wash some dirty uniforms. Which was much needed. At 12:30 the team headed to the South Commons Complex to “practice” and get a feel of the field. We also watched an inning of teams playing in the stadium.

After being all showered up, we decide to head out and eat at Outback Steakhouse 😃 yuuummm!!! Later it’s time to prepare to kick some booty and show other teams what Central Softball is all about.


Sadie Baugher


Snoring, sunshine and softball

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Hello Dutch Fans!

This is freshman catcher Kylie Olson coming at you from our very messy hotel room in Kissimmee, Florida. We had the wonderful opportunity to play two games today under the sun in Florida! We left the hotel room this morning and grabbed some breakfast at Perkins which may or may not have given a few of us food poisoning. Afterwards, we arrived at the field and did all of our many pregame rituals! After singing High Hopes, waking up the bats, and seeing our parents’ awesome dance moves we were ready to play! The juniors all had their hair in cornrows and were looking pretty fierce! In our first game, we fell to Thomas More in a close game of 3-2 but came back strong and beat Mount St. Joseph 8-3.

After the games we stopped into Panera to eat, since that’s where Larry wanted to go ;). During supper we discovered Sadie Baugher has one of the most… interesting… laughs on the team! Once we got back to the hotel we attempted to do some laundry and crashed. After a quick trip to the hot tub, I fell asleep next to my snoring roommate Abbie Voas.

It was a really exciting day filled with lots of growth! Today was another step in the right direction and we can’t wait to go out tomorrow and show ‘em what we got! Like my twin Karly said yesterday, we are so excited to go on this journey with you all!

Sending love and softball spirit your way!


Kylie Olson #15



Hunting for more wins and alligators

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CCSBDay Two in Kissimmee

Hello Central softball fans!

Today was another great day for the Dutch at the ballpark. We improved our record to 4-0 down here in Florida with two wins over Bluffton University and Muskingum University!  In our team huddle before the first game this morning, Coach Wares talked to us about the importance of playing with “grit,” and I’d say we showed a pretty gritty performance in both games— diving and going all out for every play on defense, battling hard at the plate on offense, getting dirty on the bases, and bringing lots of energy and intensity in the dugout.  When we do all of these “little things” that are expected from us, it makes playing the game so much fun!

We always have a lot of fun together when we are off the field, too. That’s what makes this close-knit softball team so special.  We truly are one big, happy family!  Tonight, the Central softball parents took care of us and filled our bellies with a delicious meal at the rental house they are all staying at down here.  Salad, homemade lasagna, and garlic bread was on the menu, and ice cream sundaes were for dessert.  We are very thankful to have such wonderful parents!

Before dinner, one of our parents informed us that they had spotted an alligator in the area today.  So, what do the Central softball girls do?… go gator huntin’. 🙂  As we took off on our mission, we realized that some of us, including myself, didn’t actually want to come anywhere near an alligator.  To be safe, we brainstormed some strategies for what we should do if we would happen to come across a hungry alligator.  The “alligator experts” we are, agreed that we should run in zigzags because they wouldn’t be able to run as fast as they could if they were running in a straight line.  Thankfully, we did not have to worry about this plan of survival because we didn’t see any gators, but we Midwesterners sure had an interesting time exploring!

After dinner, we gathered around the pool and socialized.  I enjoyed hearing about all of the exciting softball games that everyone has been a part of and experienced at Central.  I am really looking forward to making these same unforgettable memories with everyone this year!  It is going to be one incredible journey, and we are excited that you (Central softball fans) get to experience it all with us!

Our game times tomorrow are at 1:30 and 3:45 p.m.  We will be taking on Thomas More College (Kentucky) the first game and Mount St. Joseph (Ohio) the second game.

Thanks for your support, and Go Dutch!!


Karly Olson #17


Pizza, volleyball, green feet and lots of offense!

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What’s up Dutch fans!!

This is junior outfielder Sarah Bowen writing to you from the comfort of our suite down here in beautiful Kissimmee, Florida! Today was FINALLY GAME DAY for the Dutch! We left the resort at 7:15 am sharp to be at the fields in time for our first game against the Westminster (PA) Titans at 9am. There are no words to describe the incredible butterflies-in-your-tummy feelings on game day, and we were all so excited to finally get to compete on a real field! We jumped on them early, and ended up scoring 8 runs overall to run rule them in the sixth inning. Game 2 we played against the Mitchell (CT) and run ruled them in the fifth, 22-1. It was a day full of a lot of offense!

After the games we just went back to the resort and hung out with our suitemates. A lot of us took naps, while others just relaxed and enjoyed the little break we had. Dinner tonight consisted of eating our body weight in pizza. After dinner some girls played mini golf, and others of us decided to attempt to play volleyball. I say attempted because since the sand volleyball courts were occupied by a wedding reception, we thought it would be a good idea to play on a neglected little golfing green. We were all barefoot and while practicing our dance moves realized that the dye from the green had turned our feet green! I’m not talking just a little hint of green, like I’m talking full on hulk colored feet. In hindsight, we decided it may not have been the best location for us to play J

It was really good for us to get a good start on the trip with two wins and we’re looking to forward to getting some more tomorrow! Game times are the same, but the next victims are Bluffton and Muskingum, both from Ohio. We’re looking forward to the rest of the time here in Florida, the Leadoff Classic in Georgia, and the rest of the season! Big things are in store for this team full of youngsters, and we can’t wait to show everyone what we got!

Sending love and sunshine your way,

Sarah Bowen #16 🙂

Sunny skies in the land of Waffle Houses

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Florida team pic

The Dutch pause for a photo after their first outdoor practice in Florida this season.

HELLO Dutch Nation!!

This is Paige Schreiner, senior shortstop for Central Softball coming to you poolside from Kissimmee, Florida. It’s currently 75 degrees outside (sorry for those of you reading this from colder weather) and there isn’t a cloud in sight. It’s easy to get caught up in playing the games and not realize how amazing some of the places we get to play are, but on days like this we are reminded how fortunate we are that we get the opportunity to do this. But after quite a long travel day yesterday, that consisted of a lot of picture taking (Snap chat, Facebook, Instagram), sleeping, laughing and a TON of singing (we have lots of awesome singers on the team, myself not include :P), relaxing and having time to hang out with each other is exactly what we needed today!

CCSB just finished up our first practice a few hours ago. It’s hard to describe how exciting it is play on the dirt, in the sun, when it’s hot, after weeks on being inside practicing on turf (and even playing two games on it last weekend). But it is similar to when you’re a little kid and you wake up on December 25th, and realize it is Christmas morning. After practice we stopped by “freaky fast” Jimmy Johns and it was fast considering we had 24 people in the order. As a side note: the Cool Van is keeping a running tally of the amount of Waffle Houses we drive by while down South and I believe the current total is at 13! So make sure to check by when another member of the Cool Van writes for an update on the total J On the dinner menu for tonight was Olive Garden!! Also, CCSB got dressed up so keep your eyes peeled for pictures!

It’s about that time to get to bed and start dreaming about ground balls, fly balls, going nuts when my pitcher fools a batter on a change up, and even crazier when they strike them out, farmer’s tans, dirt, and every cheer in the CCSB book. We’ll be up bright and early for a 9:00 am meeting with Westminister, Pa. so make sure to keep up with us Dutch nation; you won’t want to miss the ride we’re going to go on this season!


Threes (#33)

Bus, Plane, Subway, and Van to FL/GA Line

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“Bus, plane, subway, and van, this CCSB team won’t go under!” Like every other year, the spring trip travel day is a process and this year it all started bright and early at 4:15 AM in Pella, Iowa. Making the trek to the DSM airport in the NEW Slippy, we got to our boarding area to find some surprise passengers on the same flight.  Seems like the Simpson softball team wanted to make our meeting a little earlier this year!

Arriving in snowy Chicago Midway to start our two hour lay-over, everyone assigned me to bag duty.  Larry ended up losing his boarding pass, we had team homework time and Coach made sure to remind us all that there was no correlation between winning a National Championship and having a high team GPA before boarding the flight to Atlanta, Georgia.

Surprisingly there were no newbies to flying this year but enduring through that turbulence in the second flight probably made the whole team seem like first-time flyers!  Let’s just say I had a death grip on Abbie’s hand and I know many others felt the same way but we landed safely in a rainy Atlanta, Georgia airport. Waiting in the airport on the coaches to grab the vans we would be taking to Kissimmee, Florida, many of us took the time to teach many of the newbies the card game of KEMPS!!!  Olson squared did pretty well for their first time playing the game.

The vans showed up and I loaded into the Pewter Dove with five new members including Sadie B, Kendra S, Kylie O, Karly O, and Rachel Cassens (AT) driven by the one and only Frank Neu!  Not sure how much the Cool Van jammed out but we definitely had a jam session the whole seven hour drive to Kissimmee, FL, only stopping to eat at the good ole Wendy’s restaurant!  After seeming like forever, CCSB rolled into the fancy resort at 12:30 PM in Kissimmee, Fla.  Going right to bed to continue the wild journey of NC’16 at 9 in the morning, moving mountains in Kissimmee.

Sleep tight Central College Softball lovers!

Trisha Smith (Teesh) #30