Back to Iowa and the season ahead!

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The Dutch prepare to say farewell to the Arizona desert for the year following one more spring break win!

The Dutch prepare to say farewell to the Arizona desert for the year following one more spring break win!

As we headed to the airport Sunday morning at 5 am to return to the chilly weather in Pella, I had so many things to think about. As a freshman, I was incredibly privileged to be able to go on spring trip. I knew that this trip would be full of fun with teammates and learning the ropes of a program strong in tradition. Reflecting back on the trip, that is exactly what it consisted of. The incredible intensity in the dugout and on the field, the pregame traditions, team bonding full of goofy memories in the vans, pool, and at dinner each night were all highlights of the trip.

The fun did not just happen off the field, there was plenty to cheer about throughout our 16 games. Homeruns, shutouts, and diving plays are just a few things that come to my mind when thinking back to the highlights of the week. The past week has given the youngsters of the team a great amount of experience to help us understand what Central Softball is truly about.

Senior Kaitlyn Matzen, freshman Emily Walton, sophomore Abbie Voas and senior Kallie Schive on game day!

Senior Kaitlyn Matzen, freshman Emily Walton, sophomore Abbie Voas and senior Kallie Schive on game day!

Our next step on our journey to Salem, VA is our home tournament this weekend. We are all excited to play on our home field for the first time this year and are looking forward to having the opportunity to play some great competition. Each game is part of the process that will propel us to our goal of 2015 National Champions.

We are all so excited to see what is to come!

Annie DeVries #23

After a fun day off, back to doing what we love

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Karlee Rock convinced her teammates to try a new look on the way to the fields.

Karlee Rock convinced her teammates to try a new look on the way to the fields.

All of us here share a great love of softball and enjoy every opportunity we get to play the game. However, none of us can deny that we also love the opportunity to have a “day off” here in sunny Arizona to spend with our families. Our day off fell on Tuesday this year, and proved to be entertaining for every family. Some of the biggest highlights consisted of Whitney finding her very first geo while geocaching with her dad, Kaitlyn being kissed by a giraffe, and I even had the opportunity to lasso Paige during our visit to historic Tombstone. I think it’s fair to say we all had a great day with our families, but we were sure happy to reconnect at the hotel last night.

With our day off out of the way, it was time to get back to business on the field today. Our first game proved to be no walk in the park, but in the end we got the W and a variety of people got some valuable time on the field. An almost bigger surprise than the tough first game, though, was the weather that we experienced that eventually cut the second game short! It almost felt like we were back in Iowa with the cold rain and wind that pelted down on us. We had a rally going in the top of the 5th when Kaitlyn’s bat flew from her hands into the backstop fence, and the umpire finally had enough. The game was called off and ruled a no-contest.
Even though we struggled a bit on the field today and experienced some unfortunate whether for what is SUPPOSED to be sunny Arizona, we are still all so thankful for the opportunity we have at our hands this season. The next game is the most important, the next inning is the most important, and the next pitch is all that matters.
Dana Van Renterghem
P.S.-At the end of the day we got to eat at ALL of our (okay, maybe only Coach’s) favorite food joint, so how bad could the day be?

A freshman learns the ropes

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Mallory's selfie stick is getting a workout with the Dutch in Tucson.

Mallory’s selfie stick is getting a workout with the Dutch in Tucson.

Our fourth night in Tucson is now coming to a close. It has been a fantastic four days full of new experiences, fun, and learning the lay of the land of Central College Softball. As a freshman I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to be on the spring trip. One of my favorite things about the trip so far is seeing the dedication of the family, friends, alumni, and support system the program has. We have by far the biggest fan section out of all the teams at the tournament and I wouldn’t want to see it any other way.

Another favorite thing about Central is all of the tradition it holds. As many of you may know, “High Hopes” is a key pre-game ritual. After five times or so I can finally say that I have all of the words and movements down. I’d say that it is one of my favorite traditions along with back-pocket bags and pennies. For those of you that may not know back-pocket bags include anchors to bring you back after a tough play or anything meaningful (or not) that another teammate gives you.

We have been having a lot of fun on and off the field these past few days. It is very nice to actually be playing outside again! Last night we got the opportunity to go to Amanda’s house for a delicious dinner. And this afternoon we got to celebrate our teammate, Shannon’s birthday with some cake and swimming after the game!

Thank you for all of the support. Can’t wait to see where this season takes us!

“Eyes on the prize, hearts on the field”

Tabitha Taylor #6

The search for Subway

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Dseateday Three in Arizona:

We are getting to the halfway point of our trip here in AZ and the stories are getting better! Today was better competition for the Dutch, but the excitement continued off the field as we celebrated Shannon’s 22nd birthday and Cait Saxton’s 18th birthday early (Cait’s is on Friday). Not only was there frosting with cake to celebrate the birthday girls but the Coulson’s made Twinkies even more delectable by dressing them up as minions! Adorable! The party continued in the Cool Van as DJ Karlz spun T-Swift’s “22” in honor of Shan’s birthday. The birthday girl definitely put her dance skills to use for that song.

The afternoon was spent by the pool, still jamming to music. As dinner approached, it quickly became obvious this was going to be an adventure. After a 10 minute struggle to make a decision of where to eat the vans finally left the parking lot. After reaching our destination of In-N-Out burger, after a confusing bunch of construction signs and cones, we found it packed. There was no way they were going to be able to handle the Dutch! At this point Frank was a little cranky :) and we made our way to a new and unknown food destination. As expected, it was an adventure. After driving around the parking lot, twice, we finally made it a road that led to food. Of course that road was completely taken over by construction and had so many flashing lights it could give someone a seizure. Eventually we made it to Subway and some delicious subs.

And now all of the Dutch are off to bed to rest up for the games to come tomorrow!

Abbie Voas #27
Chanhassen, Minn.

Arizona sunshine and softball–we’re finally here!

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Van selfie

Heading to the fields for first day of action in Tucson Friday morning. A good time for a selfie!

It’s that time of the year again….our Spring Break trip to Tuscon! We have been super pumped to get out on a real field, with a real sky around us, DIRT, and real grass. It’s safe to say that playing on turf, cooped up in a dome just doesn’t cut it! Our traveling experiences went smoothly. We even had a few girls fly for the first time! Of course we have had some quality team bonding at the poolside as well. :)

Practicing on a field today was a huge hit, if you can imagine. I know that most of us were anxious to be in the beautiful weather with the mountain range behind us, playing the game we love! We cannot wait to have our first game tomorrow!


Great to be outside at the hotel, ready for first day of action in Tucson Friday.

As always, the bar is set high for the season. Our eyes are on the prize of the National Championship game in Salem, Virginia, but right now we are focusing on our opening pitch tomorrow against Staten Island. We are feeling all the support from alumni, family, and friends all around the country, and appreciate the love we receive!

We are so excited for what is to come!!

“Working harder every day, we’re going ALL the way!”

Katie Canney :)