Saving the day on the way to Tucson

Arizona2014--1March 14, 2014

by Jordan Overland
Senior, left fielder
Boone, Iowa

Another year, another new set of memories.  So far in our journey towards becoming national champions, it seems that we have begun to get in a habit of making saves.  Right away to start our trip, our bus “Slippy” decided it didn’t want to play any of our CDs.  With the save was Whitney in her suggestion to play the game “Heads Up.”  I’m sure Coach enjoyed our screaming and jumping around trying to give hints to the different categories we were playing.

The second save of the day was all thanks to Norma, our bus driver.  Annie neglected to grab her glove off of the bus at the airport (a rather vital piece of equipment for a softball trip), but thankfully Norma was nice enough to turn the bus around to get the glove back to Annie. 

Arizona2014--airportAnother save was made early this morning before our first game.  Abbie Voas may or may not have forgotten her cleats back at the hotel…(cough) freshman (cough)… so it was bullpen catcher Abby Stier to the rescue offering her size 11 cleats to Abbie V. who wears a size 9.  One of the biggest saves of the day thus far, though, came from Mr. Brian Sowers (third baseman Whitney Sowers’ dad).  Trisha Smith was told to go out to the bullpen to start warming up, so her back was to the field.  A high foul ball was hit and it was on the path to go straight at Trisha’s head.  Then out of the blue, Brian bounded towards Trish and deflected the ball from hitting her.  Talk about a close call!

Aside from all of the saves we’ve had, there have been some adjustments down here in Tucson.  For beginners, a lot of us missed the memo that we should have tried getting a tan session in before going outside in the sunny weather.  Since we were practically glowing, a couple of us (including me) thought going without sun screen at our first outdoor practice would be a good idea.  BIG MISTAKE…HUGE! (Cue Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman).  Let’s just say we had some tender shoulders today.  As we are still trying to adjust to the sun, we are quickly getting back into the groove of the Arizona atmosphere.  Being here now for the fourth straight year has begun to be a bit of a routine for the Central softball team.  With constant sunshine, birds chirping around, and a fan club the size of some people’s hometowns, it’s hard not to love following the Central softball crowd around.Arizona2014--Jordan