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Student Honors Presentations captured using Panopto - May 9, 2012

As the culminating activity of the Honors Program, students give a presentation of their research.  Faculty, staff, students, and others are invited to attend, but scheduling conflicts often prevent them from doing so.  The presentations are recorded using the Panopto lecture capture system, so those would-be attendees can watch the presentations after all.

Check out the academic work of these 2013/2014 student scholars:

Nolan Blythe Synthesis of Oxaquinonacyclophanes from 2,3-Dichloronapthoquineone View recording
Brett Carroll View recording
Rachel Connelly View recording
Mycaela Crouse View recording
Kyle Freischlag View recording
Amanda Jacobs View recording
Clayton Larson View recording
Katheryn Manternach View recording
Maria McMahan View recording
Daniel Nelson View recording
Jessica Riebkes Seeding Restorations: Evaluating Seed Viability to Improve Restoration Outcomes View recording
Olivia Schouten View recording
Abigail Thomas View recording


Jaime Baumer The Effects of Triclosan on Fast Plants and Radishes and an Analytical Method to Detect Triclosan  —
Patricia Braun Identifying a ct009 Protein, Relevant for Treating Chlamydia  —
Greg Ellingson The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act & the Labor Market  —
Tyler Ernst Explaining Variation in the Length of the Environmental Review Process for Infrastructure Projects  —
Jared Hottle Using Past and Current Data as Predictors of Professional Success in Quarterbacks  View recording
Rhiley Huntington Migration: A Collection of Poetry and Prose  —
Colette Kotz Role of Religion in Biomedical Ethics  —
Andrea Kroeger Marriage Ideals, Parental Marital Status, and Urbanicity: Exploring the Relationships with Regression and Mediational Models  View recording
Melony McDermott Interaction Between Stress and Injuries  —
Morgan Remick Implementing a Fall-Prevention Program  —
Shannon Schmidt Effects of Triclosan on Zebrafish Heart Rates  —


Adam Feenstra Extraction and Analysis of Harmala Alkaloids in Several Types of Cucurbina Pepo
Nicole Ferguson Assays for Comparing Fungal Resistance to Candida albicans in Two Lines of Drosophila americana and the Use of Sequence Analysis to Identify a Highly Conserved Fungal Resistance Gene in Drosophila View recording
Eric Fjare Toward the Synthesis of a Novel OLED Material using Harmala Alkaloids  View recording
Andrew Hamer The Presence of Harmala Alkaloids in Local Plants with an Emphasis on the Mint Family (Lamiaceae) View recording
Natalie Harrington Harmala Alkaloids as Bee Signaling Chemicals View recording
Megan Kittleson Allelic Expression of Lupus-Associated Genetic Variants View recording
Ivy Paul The Informed Donor: A Look into Child Sponsorship View recording
Kathryn Quandahl The Theological Understanding of the Protestant Meaning of Marriage View recording
Nick Vance External Heavy Atom Induced Phosphorescence and Molecular Properties of Harmala Alkaloids and Related Compounds: Investigations and Applications View recording